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    How to book an appointment:

    1. You can fin the available dates and times here: Appointments
    🙂 = free appointment. If you click on the smiley emoticon, you will see the time interval for the given time.
    (Important: always the current monthly free appointments are given! If you want an appointment for the next month, write when you want it in the appointment field of the form and I will contact you!)

    2. Next, I will need your billing and email address.
    3. After that, I will send you a payment link with which you can pay quickly and easily.
    4. After that, your appointment will be added to my calendar.

    Cancellation policy:

    In case of cancellation within 24 hours of treatment, the price of the paid treatment will be lost. Customers with a pass, the appointment canceled within 24 hours of treatment, the occasion on your pass will be lost.
    In the event that for some reason you cannot come to the booked and paid appointment, you can give the appointment as a gift. You can also request a personalized gift voucher.

    Arriving late for the appointment may result in a shorter treatment.

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